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Supporting our best-selling text, this website will help you to perform drug calculations with confidence by providing you with over 600 practice questions.

Please note this website should be used in conjunction with the fifth edition of the Drug Calculations for Nurses book.
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 Questions based on actual prescriptions
 Includes pre-test and revision test options
 Questions from 6 key categories
 Receive feedback on your answers
 Monitor your progress between tests
 Related reading for areas of weakness
A step by step approach
Drug Calculations for Nurses

What's Inside

Drug Calculations for Nurses Online has several different modes to assist you with your study.

Pre-test Quiz

The pre-test is provided to give you a sense of your current level of knowledge before beginning to practice on the site. We recommend you take the pre-test so that you can benchmark your progress.

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Practice Questions

Practice mode gives you the option to create tests of differing length and the ability to specify the subject areas from which your test is created. You can preview a question from each category to help you choose. You can choose to include or exclude questions from the book and/or questions you have already answered in previous sessions. If you need help answering a question, you can click to see a hint providing the relevant equation or a quick tip. You can review your answers after the test, with feedback providing links to relevant pages of the book.

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Revision Test

The purpose of this revision test is to test your ability at drug calculations, under timed conditions. If you have not read the book, or been through the pre-test and practice questions on this site, we recommend you do these before attempting the revision test.

You should get most, if not all, of the revision questions right. If you get the wrong answers for any particular section, then you should go back and re-read that section of the book as you may not have fully understood that type of calculation.

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